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Platinum, Ceylon Sapphire and diamond halo ring, with tapered baguette diamond shoulders. Jarrod had a Sapphire in mind for fiance Shona, as he wanted something a bit more unique and a stone that would match the colour of her gorgeous eyes. We wanted to create something that was Art Deco inspired with a modern take.



The thing I love about my ring is that my fiancé worked closely with sal to piece together the ring. It means so much to me that it’s something from him that’s not just off the shelf. After he proposed Sal took the time to show me through all of the sketches and how he pulled different pieces together, it really bought home the fact that it had been something that he had really taken the time to get right, even down to the stone selection. I absolutely love it!  Sal takes the time to make your experience a special one, she knows how important the moment is and how to really capture the image you dream of.

-Shona and Jarrod Middleton