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18ct White gold and diamond engagement and wedding ring. Monique wanted to create something less traditional and more individual and had an idea based on a russian wedding ring style. We incorporated some of her family diamonds and scattered them throughout the rings, giving them a modern feel and have them interlocking to symbolise partnership and longevity.



My husband was very smart and asked Sally to help him with my ring. I have a different taste when it comes to jewellerly, as I like it to be unique.  In my mind I had an image which I tired to explained to Sally, she made me feel at ease and slowy peice together the picture / design. When I received the finish design I couldn’t believe she had captured every angle and feature I had in the depths of my mind. To this day I still look at my rings with LOVE. Most times when I go out someone almost always compliments me on it them. I highly recommend Sally as I feel blessed to have received her help, expertise and guidance. 

– Monique Bremner-Marshall