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18ct White Gold and brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, with tapered grain set diamond shoulders. Adam knew he wanted something classic and beautiful but with some tweaks to add individuality and uniqueness, to reflect his Tessa.



So it was time to make my best friend my fiancé, and I had been putting it off for …. Well at least a year. Not due to being nervous, not due an uncertain answer, not due to finances…. But due to the fact I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

We sat down for a coffee and went over a few things- design ideas, stone qualities, shapes and other important details .. Sally being the professional she is, kept it all discreet and within a week had drawn up a number of designs for me to look at.

Sal really made me feel as through I had designed the ring myself. The nerves I had leading into the big question faded as soon as I laid eyes on the ring, and feelings quickly turned to excitement.. On the big day- I got the answer I was looking for, and my partner was amazed at how good the ring looked.. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help in this awkward (for a bloke) moment .. Thanks again Sally.

- Adam Hall